Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us.

You have 5 seconds to impress and 60 seconds to explain. We can make your message stand out with our neuroscience-based video ads!

We offer: 

  1. Unlimited Revisions Guarantee until you are 100% satisfied!
  2. Easy online ordering with fast turnaround and delivery
  3. Affordable videos and everything is included in one low price
  4. The best Artists who will create authentic art for your Explainer videos
  5. Over 10 voice-over talent in multiple languages
  6. A diverse selection of over 40 professional spokespersons to choose from
  7. Outright ownership of your video with no additional cost
  8. Experienced copywriters that can write highly engaging scripts for your videos
  9. Superior quality High Definition videos produced in our state of the art studios
  10. We have the largest selection of video styles

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    About Video Videocraft

    VideoCraft NG was launched in June 2018 to provide high-quality captivating video ads at very affordable prices. Our team is based in Umuahia, Nigeria specializing in explainer animations, spokesperson video ads, logo animations, creating and installing websites. We have a wide range of clients across all sectors of industry; from individuals, social media influencers, educational and clinical institutions to local businesses and large corporations.

    We believe that everyone should be able to use video to promote their business, product or service. To that end, we offer an array of video ad templates covering most business niches. Our simple, low cost and effective videos will capture your audience with the desired outcome of getting them to like, share, and buy your products or services. We also create customized video ads at a fraction of what it would cost if you went to big advertising agencies. We are able to do this because our teamwork remotely which is cost effective and gives us flexibility – we are not the middle man. All our bespoke ads are original pieces of work. Also, we have access to the best animation tools & assets, badass Artists, voice-over specialists, and professional spokespersons that we utilize creatively to produce stunning, impressive, and highly effective ads with a strong message.

    VideoCraft NG are very proud of our ability to deliver great videos fast at a price that any business can afford! Great video ads are no longer limited to big corporations with deep marketing pockets! You too can finally afford mesmerizing shareable videos your fans, clients, and customers would love. Explore our site to learn more about what we can do for your business. Feel free to schedule a call with us to discuss the possibilities!